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Sustainable Lighting in the Showroom


About three years ago trying to become as “green” as we could in everything from packaging, paper goods and hydro use, we started investigating various sources of sustainable lighting that would not only light the furniture as well as the old style but improve the look. No mean task but a chance encounter with a customer on a busy Saturday and the development of a powerful and synergistic relationship has led to a 100% change over of all the lights in our 25,000 square foot showroom.

All of our overhead track lighting is now LED.  LED’s turn most of the electrical power into light not heat.  They use less power for the same number of lumens.  LED’s have changed from the cold blue spectrum to a warmer light that is excellent in both your home and in retail space.  The light is crisp and helps us illuminate our furniture and give each setting the “wow” look we are seeking.The wattage uses a fraction of the electrical power of comparable halogen lamps—actually less than 10%. Even though the cost is high initially there are several factors that are hard to ignore

  1. The bulbs last for up to 10 years
  2. In a retail environment where the lights are on almost constantly the warehouse staff are no longer changing light bulbs on a daily basis. With over 650 overhead fixtures alone our guys were on ladders every day keeping all the lights on.
  3. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs there is no mercury so no issue disposing of these bulbs.
  4. The decrease in our monthly power bill has dropped by an incredible 70%.  There is virtually no heat in these bulbs so our air conditioners are not working so hard to cool the showroom.  In exactly 12 months we saved enough to pay for all of the bulbs we installed.  That monthly savings will now go into our profits —for the next 9 years!

As they say in the green community “Green is $Green”.


Sklar Furnishings