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Stuffed With Stuff? 5 Furnishings to Help You Declutter and Organize Your Home


Clutter, stuff, litter… however you define it, none of it is good for your health. Many people feel overwhelmed, anxious and defeated when around clutter because mess causes stress. There are many benefits of owning fewer possessions and living a more simplified, uncluttered life: less to clean, less to organize and less stress to name a few.

The decluttering journey doesn’t need to be painful, but many people do wonder, “Where in the world do I begin?” Our professional interior designers have come up with 5 high end furnishing solutions to consider that will help you declutter your life and organize any space in your home.

Bellagio Coffee Table
The multifunctional, high end, Italian designer table is not only practical and space-saving, but the perfect complement for any contemporary living room. The soft lifting top gives the possibility to use the table both in the lower and in upper position—ideal for eating or work. Then it neatly hides any jumble and transforms back into a stylish coffee table.

Maze Shelving Unit
With less clutter around you can clearly display your fine bone china, your books and special collectibles. You have the option of grouping the shelving units for increased storage or letting your prized possessions shine on individual shelves. Maze shelving is flexible in design as it adapts to your living room or home office style and needs. Need advice on style or size? Our interior design experts will help you size and decorate your items to give your space the perfect atmosphere.

The Smart Living Wall Unit
The Smart Living media system is an innovative concept in space saving design. Sometimes even a table can make a space cluttered which is why Ozzio Italia created a design that allows you to tuck away all ‘things’ and keep your space tidy and open. Complete with a television, dining table, folding chairs and optional shelving, the Smart Living plays the part of dining room and living room with it’s compact dining table and hidden stacking chairs. It’s definitely called “smart” for a reason.

Emotions Bookshelf and Room Divider
The Emotions Bookcase is half open-backed and half solid, creating interesting shadow box effects while remaining visually light free from disarray. It features three striking primary colored sections, carefully balanced in a way suggestive of a painting by Mondrian. Emotions also contains a cleverly hidden cabinet with internal shelves for discreet storage.

Camicino Exhibitor Bookcase
Lastly, the cutting-edge Camicino bookcase. A combination of glass and wood that is both beautiful and functional, its revolving storage trays are available in cherry, wenge or bleached oak. A multipurpose unit to keep your stuff organized and tidy.



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