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Stone Care


Natural Polish

Because our tables are all naturally polished, the shine will vary across your tabletop. This is simply a result of a natural polish on a natural stone and one more way to emphasize the inherent unique beauty of each table.

The only product applied to the tops is natural wax. This gives a certain amount of moisture repellence but does not offer full protection. Any beverage or liquid spilled on the top needs to be removed immediately to avoid rings or marks to be left.

Stain Removal

The removal of light rings and slight stains is fairly simple. Try the finest sandpaper available with a light–handed application and re–wax with natural paste wax. If it is an absorbed stain, the application of a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, diluted bleach, or ammonia to the stain with a soft cloth produces good results. Always wash with water, wipe with a dry cloth and re–wax after any cleaning or repair.

To fill small holes

Fill the opening with a hardening putty, fill–stick, or spackle with color. You may need to remove excess with a razor blade or very fine sandpaper. When surface is completely dry, apply paste wax and polish.

Caring for your table

You can re–polish your table with a coat of natural paste wax as desired. This will restore the shine and protect the surface. As you would with a fine piece of wood furniture, always use placemats, coasters, and trivets and clean any spills immediately. Regular rubbing alcohol is a perfect product to use for day–to–day cleaning.


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