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Spruce Up your Home for Spring


Who doesn’t love the spring time? The weather is getting warmer, the sun is out longer, and new plants are poking out of the earth. Walk in Mother Nature’s shoes and make your home décor come back to life. A fresh lick of paint or refinishing your wood floors would be ideal but those jobs are so time consuming and expensive. Here are some budget-friendly tips that will revive your room in just one weekend.

Firstly, put away all unnecessary clutter and clean the room thoroughly. Pack up your closet full of sweaters and wicker baskets piled high with cozy wool blankets. You wont need them for a long time. Now that you have a little bit more room to play with, try rearranging your furniture. It will make a huge difference. In the spirit of spring’s glorious resurgence, redirect attention away from the fireplace and towards the window. Using the Sklar Room Planner will help you envision changes before you go to effort of lugging your sofa around the room.

By replacing your heavy curtains with delicate sheer white drapes and swapping frosted light bulbs for clear ones your room will be soaked with light making it look larger and cleaner. Decide on an accent color and choose pieces that either solidify or complement it.  These accents are meant to evoke a sense of light and breezy simplicity so try to steer clear of heavy fabrics and intricate textures. Reasonably priced cotton throw pillows or lampshades in pastel colors, stark whites or nature prints are a great place to start. Add some interchangeable items for your tabletops or mantels like a tropical themed scent warmer, vibrant glossy vases or photo frames so that the room still feels lived-in and comfortable.

Finally it’s time to get your thumbs green. Terrarium centerpieces are a cheap and easy trend that will liven up any room and reinforce some of your new accent colors. Either buy or repurpose a glass jar. Use some colorful stones or sand at the very bottom and add dark rich soil on top. Plant something durable like cactus, ivy or dwarf ferns and decorate as you wish. Place it on a colorful placemat or dyed doily and let the complements come flooding in.


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