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Spring Market 2014


Here are a few of my favorites…

Wonderful Fabrics with Unusual Textures

A form of burnout was everywhere. This multi-level texturing made the colors magical. One changed from blue to grey to a soft lilac depending on where the light hit it. Some vendors used it just on pillows and accent pieces and others were more brave and did whole sectionals.

Brushed Gold

The vendors who did this well were few and far between but when it is right it is a soft rich brushed gold and is a fabulous neutral which really works with everything. Don’t dare call it brass!,


Large oversize pears, apples, cherries and even peppers complete with tall elegant stems were seen at most accessory booths and decorating the furniture showrooms. The most common (and beautiful to me) were the high gloss rich colored ones. However the material they were made from ran the gauntlet from glass and porcelain to plaster and wood. Colors were mostly black, white, red, lime green and yellow.


The animal/bird of the day was definitely the owl. From realistic glasses to free form wire and wood the owl peered out from many places.

Fabric Trends

Fun and color is back but more as an accent or when two toning a chair or sofa. The taupes, creams and soft grays remain the most common neutral. Accent colors continue to be orange, purple and that electric yellow green. Prints are fabulous and a couple of the more creative vendors are doing laser print and having their own exclusive fabrics.

Ethnic Accessories

Many of the vendors had reproductions of art pieces from different countries. The reproductions look realistic and soften contemporary

Art and Furniture from Mother Nature

The tree root table bases continue to be popular and come from a variety of trees. Petrified wood table tops have entered the mix and look good with either a contemporary chrome or polished stainless base or a traditional metal base. Live edge dining table tops are perched on a variety of bases. Gemstones, minerals, crystals and geodes get adapted into accessories and art pieces and make glamorous accent pieces. The use of recycled parts has struck a deep chord with the green movement and with creative manufacturers. Using old bottles, old shutters, discarded bicycle and manufacturing parts has produced some wonderful accent and conversation pieces.

No wonder we all love market – all the things we need to stimulate our creative juices. We tried to buy as many of these ‘trends’ as we possibly could and I can’t wait for them to start arriving at the back door.


Sklar Furnishings