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Spring Has Arrived!


Spring Has Arrived!

It is hard for people who live in Northern climates to imagine that those of us lucky enough to live in the south can get excited about spring. “Don’t you live in eternal spring?” is a frequent question.

Weather is one thing but spring is about so much more – new fashions and colors arrive. Think about growing up and getting your Easter or Passover outfit. At the first hint of warmth or when the calendar turns to April many people put the black, brown and grey clothes to the back of the closet and bring out the color.

This is no different in the furniture industry. Most of us don’t have the ability to put our grey or black sofa into storage but we can get creative and give our home a whole new spring make-over. Start with a color that makes you happy and energetic and then go for it!

Our Design Team at Sklar chose pinks and lime greens with a touch of gold and had some fun choosing fabrics, paint and wallpaper. For you buy some fun pillows in bright pink, tangerine orange, or popsicle lime. Grab a fun shag carpet to either throw on top of a neutral wall-to-wall carpet or to replace your “winter” one. Paint an accent wall pink – if you are brave make it a strong pink in the rose family, if not use a blush pink. If nothing else put a fresh coat of white paint or whatever color you had used, it will look like you spent days spring cleaning. Lastly don’t forget your accessories and wall art can also be switched out for a few months. You will feel like you truly redecorated.

A contemporary home done in white, taupe or soft gray is perfect for all of these inexpensive small changes. Put the grey cloudy cold days of winter behind you and throw color all over your home!


Sklar Furnishings