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Spring and Summer Decorating


Whether you live in a northern climate or not, we all yearn for a change with a new season—the refreshing and cleaning urge is practically ruled by the planets so instead of fighting the urge to redecorate get creative and just do it!

The easiest way to freshen your home for spring is to repaint—it can be just one room, one wall in several rooms or the whole house.  Simply re-doing the same color will make it look like Mr. Clean had just paid a visit and if you are gutsy enough to change the color your friends will think you have bought new furniture as well.  The act of repainting requires clean up and throwing away of junk—that too is worth a lot.  Choose an accent color that is strong for one wall or change all of the walls  to one of the new neutrals—-every vendor has them and they are beautiful and quite wonderful to live with.Another “bang for your buck” way to get a new and fresh look for spring is to buy some small accessories and pillows in a completely different accent color.  Let’s say you have had red and black for your living area colors—–to stay with the strong punch of the red introduce orange for a powerful but somehow softer look.  Or toss all the red and add a charcoal grey and bright citron yellow.  The white leather sofa of the red, white and black days will look completely different.  Guaranteed! In the bath and bedroom buy new linens and towels—once again if you have a beige bathroom you have accessorized in sage green or burgundy do something on the other end of the color wheel—use black or a soft grey—introduce texture with leathers or some of the new man made materials that frankly are stunning. 

We have all been guilty of being leather snobs but the new fabrics are so wonderful it is hard not to recommend them.If your budget permits adding or changing window treatments is a sure fire way to change your look.  If you have been living with the draperies that came with your home or worse with nothing at all you will be amazed at how much window coverings will finish a room.  They will change the light and sound level which are both equally important in decorating and living in your space.  There are wonderful solutions within every budget range so start with the dollar amount you are willing to spend and find a great retailer help you realize your dream.Change out some of the fixtures in your home to a more modern look—if you have brass switch to polished or black chrome for an instant up date.  Get new switch plates that are up to date—install dimmers on the lights and again if your budget permits switch out your old pot lights and track lighting to a more modern look.  While you are at it save money and the planet by installing the new generation of lights—be pleasantly surprised at your dropping hydro bill at the same time. Read some books—watch some of the decorating shows and pick a weekend and do a major transformation with minor financial outlay and a minimum amount of time.  Have fun with it!


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