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Selecting the Perfect Sofa


Picking a sofa for your house is probably one of the most important home furnishing selections you will make. It’s a piece that will receive a lot of use in your home so it needs to be something you really enjoy using. When it comes to making your selection it’s important to keep in mind how you will be using the space, so we’ve put together a quick guide on how to make the decision between choosing a sofa, sectional or sleeper. 

Sofas: Sofas are a great option because they lend well to be reconfigured around a room. If you are the type of person who seeks variety in your home’s decor and changes things up season to season, a sofa is your best bet.  A classic contemporary sofa like the Inspiration Sectional from American Leather or the Monroe from Dellarobbia are pieces that will have both versatility and longevity in your home.

Sectionals: Whether your living room is big or small, a sectional couch is a great option. People often think that if they have a small space they need to select small furniture, scale with the room, causing them to dismiss sectional couches as an option. This is a shame because a sectional couch is a great choice for a small space, as it promotes comfort and makes use of the often under-utilized corner of a room. The cons of sectionals is that people have the tendency to put their feet up on them, which often means the upholstering becomes dirtier, faster. Sectionals do tend to be more informal (hence the feet up) so if you are looking for a more formal vibe then a sectional isn’t our top pick for you.

Sleepers: If you are trying to create a dual purpose room, a sleeper sofa is a no-brainer. These sofas unfold to become full size mattresses but tuck away becoming fully functional couches. This is a perfect example of multi-purpose furniture as it allows you to have one room perform double duty. Putting a sleeper in an office or a living room is the perfect way to have the space double as a guest room. Older models tend to be heavy, bulky and uncomfortable to sleep on. Modern options like the Bryce Sleeper Sofa eliminate that problem because they have a sleek design (meaning light weight, no bars, springs or sagging) and have Gel or Tempurpedic mattresses as an option.


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