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Seeing Red


Want to triumph over a competitor?  Attract romantic attention?  Wear red.  Scientists have discovered that the color red tips many situations in the wearer’s favor.

Athletes in red have a small but significant advantage over opponents in a different color according to numerous studies.  And a lady in red is more likely to be considered attractive by the opposite sex and more likely to be asked on a date than her friend dressed in brown or blue.  Some speculate it is because red is easier to see.  Humans like most primates have a trichromatic visual system, which is believed to have evolved to help us spot ripe fruit. 

Others believe red influences the way someone is perceived because it signals dominance in other animal species.  The only drawback to red is in a car—there are more speeding violations issued to red cars than any other color.Red is a wonderful accent color in the furniture industry and is used extensively in contemporary furniture—nervous?  Start with a couple of throw pillows or a small accent rug.  If you love living with red consider an accent chair or painting one of your walls.There is no denying red’s pervasive power.


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