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Rugs Weave a Diverse Pattern


Trying to nail down 4 or 5 distinct trends in the rug industry is not an easy task. Here are some of the things we saw at market in October

  • Luxe look:  Shags had a definite sheen to them and they were paired with soft palettes that in themselves had metal and mineral accents. Glam but understated and sophisticated. For this look, try the Treasure Rug.
  • Bohemian look: The faded antiqued washed rugs continue to show up everywhere.  Some of them are a patchwork style while others are a single palette that has been combed and washed until the fibers just give up and break down.
  • Single color plush: Used more as wall to wall in our parents homes this single color single texture look is calming, sophisticated and almost zen like.  It is the quiet unassuming piece that in fact ties the whole room together. Look to the Ronaldo Rug for a luxurious plush.
  • Multiple pile heights and thread sizes.  This is not your parent’s carved carpets. These are works of art. A strip of thick plush running parallel to a long silky shag.  Used in an entry hall or living area with a glass coffee table they are like paintings on your floor. The Christi Rug or the Brilliant Rug are great examples.


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