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Refined Eclectic Style


Eclectic style is a style that has “evolved” from mixing a variety of pieces from the three major styles, which are Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional. While an Eclectic look can work well, it can also look messy and unorganized. Not everything really goes together. The Principles of Design, which are balance, scale and proportion, unity and harmony, among others, still need to be at work, and often they may be missing in a very eclectic environment.

Use the “80/20 rule”, which means staying true to one particular style for 80% of the interior and going a little astray for the remaining 20%. Make the predominant pieces speak of the style and have the fabric, furniture and architectural elements coherent and within the style. Feel free to add an “off” piece, such as a Chinese Altar table.

By sticking with the “80/20 Rule”, your room’s integrity will be maintained, a definable look will be achieved, but the room will not appear to be staged and too firm. Be creative with other items and elements, but make sure not to overdo it.


Sklar Furnishings