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Premier Leather Seating for Your Luxurious Home


When it comes to any space, seating makes or breaks it. Seating is where we relax, unwind, share, and come together. Making the most of it is a great way to make spaces more inviting and functional.

When it comes to seating, there are few materials more luxurious and comfortable than leather. It’s elegant and welcoming, functional and luxurious, and can make furniture look its best. Leather furniture is an element that can be the focus of the room, creating a core to build on.

The following pieces are among our most luxurious leather furnishings:

Better in Leather

The Bracci Style Sectional is a wonderful sofa that’s supremely comfortable. Bracci often include suede leather for a truly sumptuous finish, and build their sofas higher off the ground and with deeper seats than the usual European design. Soft internal cushioning with memory foam makes this a wonderfully relaxing and luxurious sofa. As a piece of design furniture, tufting adds elegance and the overall structure is open, regular, and attractive.

The dining room also benefits from the style and substance of leather. Consider the Reflex Vela Dining Chair, a ravishing design with two-tone possibilities. Two leathers or a leather with fabric option create endless potential for aesthetics. A beautiful base and rounded design make these chairs attractive and comfortable in addition to being endlessly versatile.

Gamma International’s Windsor Sofa is a great centerpiece for any living space. Built over a hardwood frame, this large sofa is upholstered in Gamma’s signature thick leather and completed with their remarkable stitching—their stitching is renowned around the world. Generous proportions and regular, clean lines make this an excellent and geometrically-inspired addition to the living room.

If you want to elevate your space, the more abstract Koinor Mellow Sofa is an excellent choice. Curvy and sinuous, this sofa looks as if it is folded once over itself, creating an enchanting presence that can add a playful, chic, and modern impression to any room. Leather really complements this design, adding elegance and comfort in equal measure.

We often bring up Il Loft’s Moonstar Lineare Sofa, which has a timeless appeal, strong lines, and gorgeous craftsmanship. With a modular basis, charming profile, and unique design elements like its oval feet, or deceptively thin frame, this versatile sofa exudes a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. In leather, this couch possesses that extra bit of elegance.

Versatile and Luxurious

Of all the materials you can use for upholstery, leather has a richness that’s second to none. Inviting, comfortable, and definitely luxurious, leather will always make a solid impression in the living room, and makes for one of the best seating materials in the world.

More than just thrilling the visual sense, leather possesses a texture that can be fine-tuned to individual preference—from soft suede to thick and durable leather. Add a plethora of modern color options, and it’s not hard to see how leather can really bring any living room together.


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