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Power Down in a Powered Up Chair


Powered furniture has been around for many years and has been enthusiastically received by the public. It allows the headrest or footrest of a recliner or theater seating to be moved at the touch of a button. It also allows the furniture to be reclined in very minute increments so that the comfort level is perfect for whoever happens to sit there.

The only drawback has been that the client needed to make sure there was a plug either on the wall or floor close to where the unit was to be placed. When the client was doing a big installation in an existing media room an electrician had to come in and install outlets—-costly and messy. Many times an extension cord needed to be added to reach the plug and this created not only an unsightly mess but also a safety hazard. Introducing the “battery pack”!!!  Several of our vendors now offer their powered recliners with a battery pack. These are long lasting packs (many only need to be charged once every three or four weeks).


Sklar Furnishings