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Polycarbonate Furniture: How to Clean and Care for It


At Sklar we carry many items made out of Polycarbonate. The popular material, used for pieces like the Kartell Louis Ghost Armchair, is a clear plastic, and comes in many different color options.

Polycarbonate is a very durable product – it’s used to make bulletproof glass and lenses for eyeglasses. Though strong, it has the tendency to scratch more easily than other furniture if not cared for properly.

The plastic material often garners a lot of questions, not only for the novel look it creates, but also because people wonder about how to care for it. As a result, we’ve put together a few tips based on what we have found helpful when it comes to caring for polycarbonate pieces.

1. Avoid harsh chemical products: It may be tempting to just go ahead and Windex that Louis Ghost Chair but try and avoid it. Products containing ammonia, denatured alcohol, all-purpose cleaners and cleansers, carbon tetrachloride and acetone should be avoided because they are abrasive enough to cause tiny cracks in the furniture.

2. Keep away from heat. Sources of heat like radiators can cause the furniture to melt or warp so keep these pieces at least 12 inches away from open flames and radiators.

3. Cleaning Instructions: To clean Polycarbonate use a 100 per cent cotton cloth. Designate it solely for your polycarbonate furniture as a cloth used to clean other items can collect dirt and chemicals that easily transfer and stick to the polycarbonate. Clean these pieces with lukewarm water and dish soap. Rinse them thoroughly so that the soap residue doesn’t remain. To dry the furniture, do it by hand using a soft cloth.

Whether you are using these pieces in a commercial space or for your own home, their versatility and durability will lend well to your space and last a long time, especially if cared for properly.


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