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Performance Fabrics 101: CryptonⓇ


Continuing our exploration of top performance fabrics , today we delve into the world of Crypton. And it really is a world of its own — Crypton offers over 2,000 upholstery fabric options in a huge range of colors, textures and patterns, making it perhaps the most diverse producer of technical fabrics. In addition to fabric by the yard, the Crypton HomeⓇ line includes furniture, decor, accessories, and a line of pet beds and throws, designed in collaboration with William Wegman.

The Crypton story began in 1993, when midwestern entrepreneurs Randy and Craig Rubin developed an antimicrobial, stain and water repellant fabric that was breathable and free of the vinyl coating that was previously considered essential. Its performance qualities are engineered into the fabric on a molecular level and last as long as the fabric does. That gives Crypton a softer, more natural feel than its rivals and makes it an ideal fit for high end furnishings.

A heavy duty fabric that looks and feels like a luxury textile, Crypton is designed to repel liquids, causing them to bead and run off. It is also resistant to fungus, abrasions, odors, and flames, making it remarkably difficult to destroy, in spite of its cotton-like  hand. Today, the Hilton, Marriott and Wyndham hotel chains all use Crypton upholstery, as do many restaurants and healthcare facilities, where furnishings are required to be extremely durable.

Crypton’s popularity has led to the development of several different lines, including Crypton Home (for domestic specifications) and Crypton OutdoorⓇ. Among technical fabric brands, Crypton is notable for its extremely wide range of products, which lets designers play with an almost unlimited palette of colors and patterns. Experience this amazing fabric for yourself at the Sklar Furnishings showroom.


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