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Pantone Color of the Year – Living Coral


Bid farewell to the provocative and thoughtful Ultra Violet and welcome the vibrant and effervescent Living Coral. The super buoyant and life-affirming hue Living Coral has been named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, and is going to have an omnipresent effect over the next 12 months in the design industry. Living Coral is a color that evokes the beauty and grace of marine life; with awareness of the danger to reefs and marine life, and the threat of extinction, the selection of the color is timely.

The color brings forth the subtle reminder of the lively coral reefs. A color taken entirely from the marine world has a vibrant and fresh appeal that works well in one’s wardrobe, home and other living spaces. Living Coral has unofficially been called salmon pink, but don’t get confused – even the slightest hue change can make a huge difference in the color.

Sklar Furnishing has some beautiful home decoration and furnishing units in the Living Coral color. The Disco Area Rug is a beautiful rug that lives up to its name with its retro shapes and color pops; Aqua Creation’s Horn Floor Lamp is another beautiful example of a home accent in the bright hue. The lamp looks just as beautiful off as it does when it’s on and glowing.

The Pantone Color of the Year has a huge influence in the fashion and home industry as it gradually paves its way into trends throughout the industries. It won’t be long before one starts seeing a multitude of clothing offerings, throws, pillows and home accents in the Living Coral color. This year’s color is the ideal shade for an accent wall, and a perfect bright complement against the gray, light blue, and ivory background of a contemporary bedroom or a living room.


Sklar Furnishings