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Oly Chandeliers: The Beauty In Simplicity


Just because it’s casual, doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant. Or at least that’s what Oly designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinge believe. They’re idea of elegance is clean design and simple beauty. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” according to Leonardo da Vinci, and creating lighting designs that have original personas and don’t overwhelm or distract a space is truly an art. Let’s explore some of Oly’s classic contemporary chandeliers that add ornamental detail to a space without degrading it.

Walt Chandelier
The Walt Chandelier is a finely crafted solution for your lighting needs. Its pierced metal case which can be finished in antiqued bronze, gold or silver will cast a rich glow over any contemporary interior. Industrial and refined, add intrigue and energy to your dining or living room.

Gisele Chandelier
Spark a few conversations with the Gisele Chandelier. The four light cast resin and stainless frame accents will surely bring elegance to your entryway. Revel in the simple visual harmony the Gisele brings to your contemporary design scheme.

Annika Chandelier
Retro in style with hip aesthetic, what’s not to like about the disco-ball design of the Annika. A playful twist on the traditional globe lantern, this chandelier lighting is soft in appearance; not to mention, its crystal white color evokes feelings of calm and elegance.

Muriel Chandelier
Intricate details and delicate curves makes Muriel Chandelier a truly dynamic piece. The soft, cool cluster of the cast bubbles deliver exceptional style that is both classic and timeless. Subtle, but attention grabbing, this chandelier light offers a stunning look in any interior.


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