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New Year New Colors!


Happy New Year! With the year just getting started, it’s a good time to look at the refreshing new colors for 2020 and how best to express them in your space! Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have released their colors of the year, and we love what we see!

Pantone: Classic Blue

Pantone selected Classic Blue. It is a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next. Classic Blue is reminiscent of the shade of blue of the sky at dusk.

We feature Classic Blue throughout our showroom in many different ways.  LondonArt wallpaper offers a wide variety of blues that can either harmonize or play off Classic Blue for some stunning and gorgeous effects.

The Segno Sofa is a perfect and graceful match as well, establishing a comfortable focus in a living room while offering color options that blend harmoniously or allow for playful offsets.

We can’t resist adding the Cloud Comfort Air chair, a true modern classic with clean and functional design. In the blue color option, it is a perfect expression of peaceful reflection.

Benjamin Moore: First Light

Benjamin Moore decided on First Light, which is a reflection of the rosy emergence of dawn, a hopeful and serene shade of pink that makes an excellent alternative to beige or white—just as subtle but with a blossomy energy. This exquisite color is exemplified through elegant and unique art pieces such as the Monu Rose Rug from Linie Designs and Badash Crystal’s Murano Style Glass Pink Flamingo, that would stand out in any contemporary setting.

As First Light is a restful and invigorating color, the Kenobi King Bed is a perfect match in many ways. First, who doesn’t want to wake up to a relaxing and pleasant shade of pink? Second: in its earth tone option, this stunning bed blends perfectly with the rosy hue of First Light.

Sherwin Williams: Naval

Sherwin Williams picked the color Naval—a solid and deep shade of blue with a pensive effect on its surroundings. Strength is key with Naval, as it is a timeless and dependable blue that offers plenty of flexibility in how you use it.

We think the Oscar Chair is a perfect match in any of the three colors highlighted on the page. With a solid, streamlined form that perfectly complements the formidable shade of Naval blue, this chair epitomizes timelessness and dependability.

Color Your 2020

It’s good to see a return to more subtle and impassive colors, because they offer plenty of opportunity to build a serene and calm space; or to add bold furniture, accessories, and touches that really pop and change the mood. We also like that the colors of the year are very restrained and classic—there’s nothing like a peaceful space that helps you set out on a new decade with a sense of calmness and focus.

Like what you see? Come by our showroom in Boca Raton to see it in person, or visit our website to drink in all the delightful design we have on offer!


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