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Neutral Beats


While it's certain we'll be seeing plenty of reddish-orange textiles next year — Pantone LLC earlier this month named Tangerine Tango its 2012 Color of the Year — earthy and serene neutrals from the PANTONE VIEW home + interiors 2012 forecast will make a more lasting impression in leather seating. Timeless classic chair silhouettes scaled for today's rooms make the case.

Just as apparel designers have been flirting with neutrals for several seasons — a back-and-forth dance between camel, then taupe, next gray — so, too, do Pantone's home furnishings palettes two-step with either gray and taupe or deep brown and mushroom.”The continuing challenge and goal will be in keeping the consumer visually engaged by blending the playful with the practical,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute®.

Gray and taupe are the more mature mates to pastel pinks and ethereal blues in Pantone's Nonchalance family of colors. “Simplicity,” “tranquility,” and “relaxation” are buzzwords that illustrate the comforting qualities suggested by taupe and gray, either on their own or combined.Esteemed designer John Mascheroni selected leather that matches PANTONE 18-1312 Deep Taupe (part of the Nonchalance palette) for his Marshall chair, a small-scale “geometrical” chair for American Leather with tight-cushion seating and a wooden cross base.Pantone's Resilience palette, meanwhile, represents a group of sturdy, rough-hewn and substantial hues that work well together. In this palette, a greenish yellow, a foliage-inspired green and a dash of flamingo orange are accents. But colors such as PANTONE 18-1015 Shitake — illustrated herein on Faux Bois leather seating from Global Views — are the palette's workhorses.The neutrals in the Nonchalance and Resilience palettes are separate in both presence and purpose, but they share a common thread. All are willing partners for the “it” girl on the dance floor … Tangerine Tango, anyone?   


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