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Modern Vs. Traditional: Find the Style You Like


When you love design, it’s natural to get excited about an eclectic range of styles. There are just so many great pieces out there! But when it comes time to plan your own home decor, it’s helpful to identify exactly what your personal style is. Are you always looking to the future, or do your tastes lean toward the timeless comfort of traditional style? Try our quiz and find the style you like.

Which is your favorite metallic?

    Shiny Polished Chrome

    Glowing gold tones

What is your opinion on patterned textiles?

    I love them

    My grandmother loves them

How do you feel about tufted furniture?

    Too much

    Just enough

Wallpaper is:



Bare walls are:



Would you consider hanging a chandelier in your home?

    Hmmm, that sounds like overkill

    What, just one?

Accent pillows on your sofa are:



What kind of shapes do you prefer?

    Soft, welcoming curves

    Strong, straight lines

When it comes to accessories...

    Less is more

    More is more

Your style is: traditional

Your personal style leans toward the traditional. Traditional design is oriented around comfort, and the traditional home is welcoming and familiar. Think curved sectionals and chaises, and plan your rooms with symmetry and balance front of mind. When choosing colors, aim for restrained color schemes with lots of neutrals and a limited palette; clashing colors and high contrast designs are not for you. Any metallics should be warm, like bronze, gold, and copper. Personalize your space with flamboyant displays of art and collectables for a home that is refined, yet original and exciting.

Your style is: modern

Your personal style leans toward the modern. Modern design is characterized by geometric forms and deliberate, invigorating asymmetry. Superfluous accessories are not for you — opt for simple arrangements and large, striking accents. When choosing furniture, think strong, smooth lines, and don’t be afraid to make bold color choices! Any metallics should be cool, like stainless steel and chrome. Your fearless approach to style is what will set your home apart.


Sklar Furnishings