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Modern Mashup


Blending contemporary home furnishings with your favorite antiques and other styles you love

There are many reasons to love modern and contemporary style. Whether you came of age in an era when designers like Charles and Ray Eames and Milo Baughman were first beginning to celebrate form and function by incorporating plastics, bent veneers and lighter weight materials into useable objects, or at a time when we carry more technology in our back pocket than those masters of mid-century design could ever have imagined, something in the sleek shapes, clean lines and cool curves appeals.

Even so, few of us experience only one true love in our lives. “Most people are not strictly one style or another,” relates one style expert. And, like that box of photographs, ticket stubs and love letters from past relationships tucked away on the top shelf of the closet we never get around to disposing of, we consumers tend to collect all sorts of “things” over time.

Lighten Up

“Americans are gravitating toward minimalism and cleaner, simpler lines,” says one design expert. Even so, as with that aforementioned box of old love letters, we remain emotionally attached to certain things, and most won’t fit in a cardboard box. Nor do most of us begin with an entirely empty room. Prized antiques passed down through generations, a vintage find with meaning, or the special “thing” with strong sentimental value you found on that amazing European vacation; maybe lots of special things. So what to do? Blend.

“Your space should make you feel good, so you need to surround yourself with things that make you feel good,” relates a Contemporary Design Group retailer. “I grew up in a family that blended antiques and contemporary furnishings so I appreciate that it gives a room a sense of character.”

“When you put a classic modern sofa together in a room with antiques, everything looks better,” says yet another contemporary design specialist. “The result is very eclectic. There’s a sense of warmth that softens the edges and you can sit back and reflect on the individual pieces.”

It’s all in the Mix

That said, the experts say that achieving the perfect balance can be tricky. And that’s where the design professionals associated with the Contemporary Design Group can help.

“Simplicity can be very easy to accomplish, and we can help,” relates one member. “We have on-staff design consultants who understand how to use color, texture, finish and scale to tie things together, and how to use an antique for contrast, or a special piece as a focal point in an interior space.”

Americans are moving toward minimalism, but that doesn’t mean tossing out all that you love and hold dear. Modern goes with everything.

Contemporary isn’t always cold; it can be warm, welcoming and cozy. It’s not all glass and steel. “One of the things our designers ask people to consider is, what are the things in your room that are there now that you absolutely love, that you couldn’t live without?’” said one expert. “A trained eye will be able to bring all the disparate elements together and make it great.”


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