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Living Spaces


Is living space getting bigger or smaller?  The answer is both! And I would venture to guess that this has been true for a very long time.

As the baby boomers find themselves alone at last many are downsizing into smaller more efficient homes or condos to allow themselves the opportunity to travel more readily for longer times and just to free up from the time and financial restraints that a larger living space demand.  Meanwhile their growing children are either jammed into condos with college room-mates or in their first studio apartment in a new job.  Some of the older offspring have already started a family and are looking for more space and 3 and 4 bedroom homes to accommodate both a growing family and in many cases a suite for either a nanny or the in-laws.What does all of this mean when you are looking to furnish any or all of these spaces?  Flexibility and creativity are a must in furniture being sold today. 

Have a look and you will see the smart manufacturers are all over this.  There are sectionals that can be switched from side to side or separated to give 2 or 3 free standing pieces.  Wonderful for the mobile generation.   There are beds of all sizes available in everything from chairs to sectionals and these beds are truly beds.  One of our vendors offers a Tempurpedic mattress in their sleepers.

 Dining tables can expand to 2 or 3 times their size.  Folding chairs come on racks that can be tucked into a clothes closet and ottomans offer storage for everything from the bedding for the sleeper to games and books.  Beds offer full storage under the mattress by either lifting the whole mattress up and out of the way or by the more traditional use of drawers.  Nightstands have 3 and 4 drawers and shelves—headboards have built in lights and cubbies for all manner of things.  We even sell a full billiard table that converts to a dining table.  The legs are on a hydraulic lift since the heights for dining and playing pool are different.  What is so amazing about this table is that when it is set as a dining table I guarantee you would not know that after dinner you will be playing pool.

Whether your living space is a 600 square foot condo in an urban setting or a sprawling 7000 square foot home you can be sure that with flexibility and creativity you can create a beautiful living space.  Your Space, Your Lifestyle, Your Choice. 


Sklar Furnishings