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Living 2.0


It is almost impossible to ignore the amazing possibilities that technology offers as far as home automation goes. Experts agree that the popularity of home technology has escalated over the years. Your home can now be controlled automatically due to the higher affordability and simplicity offered by smart phones and tablets. There are many who already experience the amazing benefits of controlling their home’s environment, whether they are in their car, at the office, or on vacation.  

Home technology is taking off, whether it involves centralized HVAC, centralized control of lighting, or the ability to change the ambiance scenes according to your mood or needs. Appliances can now be incorporated into furniture and concealed from site, but they can also be managed remotely through intelligent systems. They can be programmed to start or stop at any given time or you can command them to perform certain tasks as you wish, such as the furniture that hides the TV when you’re not at home. It looks great, feels great and offers the best quality of sound and image. No one would even suspect that your TV is hidden under your countertop in the kitchen.

These technological advancements can improve the quality of life for elderly people as well. Many people who would otherwise need caregivers or institutional care are offered the chance to enjoy their independence a lot longer, which is amazing for so many families. In addition, living smart can improve energy efficiency and save a lot of money on your energy bills. If you can program your HVAC systems to function within the optimum parameters at all times then you can save money, which is what everybody wants in the end. Comfort and convenience have been the main stimuli that led to the development of home automation. It feels great to come home to a warm or cool ambiance depending on your needs!

Home technology is amazing in many ways but it is especially appreciated when it comes to ensuring the security of you and your family. As the residential extension of building automation, home automation is often associated with security locks on gates and doors and other systems designed to improve security and safety.

Today’s home technology can mean automation in every respect, from pet feeding to yard watering. Essentially, home technology means that devices can now be connected through a computer network and allow remote control and access from the internet by a PC, tablet, or smart phone. As IT is integrated in the home environment, appliances and systems in the home start communicating in an integrated fashion, which will ultimately result in safety, energy efficiency, comfort, and convenience. 


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