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Light up Your Life


Good lighting supports convenience, comfort, and favorable emotional reactions. Improving the lighting of a space can be more effective than any other single factor in increasing an overall sense of satisfaction.

In the living room

Two different types of light are better in a bedroom. You need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading. When placing table lamps on a side or end table next to a sofa or chair, make sure the bottom of the lampshade is at eye level when you’re sitting, or 40” to 42” inches from the floor. If it’s higher, you’ll end up getting glare from the bulb, too low and the light will be inadequate for reading. The same rule applies if you’re placing the lamp behind the seating, large lamps may be more practical for general lighting or smaller accents lights like candlestick lights on a sofa table would work.

In the bedroom

If your bedside lamp is mainly for reading, have another fixture for your bedroom’s general lighting. The bottom of your lampshade should be even with your shoulder when you’re sitting up in bed, or about 20 inches from the top of your bed. If your lamp is the only light source in the room and you don’t use it for reading, you can get away with taller lamps.

In the home office

When you’re sitting in a chair, the same rule of thumb applies to a floor lamp next to a sofa: the bottom of the shade should be at eye level. If your lamp is too tall, move it away from the chair about 10 inches behind your shoulder to change the angle of glare.

When you’re sitting at a desk doing work, again, the bottom of the lamp’s shade should be at eye level. (The typical desk is 30 inches high. This should help you figure out your lamp base height when you’re shopping). Create ambiance with the right lighting with hi-hats, tracks on dimmers and also pin-spot artwork.


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