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Introducing Glass Artist Gerry Chodak


Sklar Furnishings is pleased to welcome the bold, one-of-a-kind works of Gerry Chodak to our collection of contemporary art.

Gerry Chodak devoted 40+ years to his first career of practicing medicine as a urological surgeon. Many surgeons view their work as both a skill and an art, which was particularly true for Gerry. In 2006 during a lecture he delivered to doctors in Oklahoma, Gerry visited an art gallery displaying the work of Dale Chilhully and was literally overwhelmed with excitement while watching a video of him making works of art in Murano. He immediately began taking lessons from established artists and his commitment to blowing glass was established.

After ending his surgical career he has devoted his time to improving his glass blowing skills and exploring the opportunities to create original works of art. Gerry is very excited by the interaction of color and shape and thoroughly enjoys the unexpected results when objects are blown out after being placed on the glass. He strongly believes there is an artist in everyone, if we are willing to take the risk to find it.

As the exclusive Florida retailer for Gerry Chodak glass art, we enjoy a special relationship with the artist, and are able to order custom pieces in colors that coordinate with your decor. Speak to one of our designers about commissioning your own unique work of art!


Sklar Furnishings