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Interior Design Services: Why it is Important to have a Designer on the Job


While a client can visualize what they want in a space, a designer knows which actions need to be taken in order to bring those visions to life. Interior designers have a broad range of knowledge, skills and connections that will save you from being overwhelmed or paying more for a design project.

They are educated in the history of design, the structural integrity of buildings, ergonomics, building codes, spatial concepts, psychology, computer-aided drawing and much more. If you’re planning a major renovation where walls have to be moved and lighting fixtures need to be replaced, then you’ll definitely need professional help.

Designers are used to working with builders and architects. A jack of all trades, they have an awareness about contractor work and can plan for those ahead of time providing the client with a detailed plan of the design process and an accurate budget.

Interior designers have connections and can offer certain advantages that can’t be obtained in other ways. Solid relationships with select vendors means they can access resources, discounts and merchandise that otherwise aren’t available.

Beyond planning a project and having their vast design knowledge, an interior designer purchases furniture, schedules delivery and coordinates installation. A major responsibility includes taking measurements to make sure appliances, work desks, light fixtures, decorative furnishings, televisions and other accessories fit in the space.

For you to remedy a problem is much more difficult than for a designer, who frequently faces these issues. A professional interior designer  encounters many challenges every day and has lots of tricks up their sleeve



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