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Interior Design Resource: For Real-Estate Agents


At Sklar Furnishings, we have a commitment in creating an environment in which you feel welcome. When selling a house, realtors are looking to do the same. They want prospective buyers to feel as though they can see themselves in the space. However, when beds are unmade and garages are overstuffed, it’s difficult for buyers to see themselves in the space.

To avoid a house or condo from lingering on the market, very often realtors will stage a home. A well-staged home is aesthetically pleasing, looks inviting and allows buyers to see the potential of the space. While staging a home for resale can be a large undertaking, with the right support it can be done quickly without fight.

This is why Sklar Furnishings has a special program especially for real-estate agents. While we don’t rent furniture, we can help stage a property for resale. When Sklar stages a home, we don’t lend the furniture; instead, we sell the client furniture, window treatments, lights and rugs.

The most important thing you can do to prepare your home for a sale is to get rid of clutter. A few of the major contributors to a cluttered look is having too much furniture in a room, furniture that doesn’t fit the space, poor lighting and a lack of context. The right furniture pieces, window treatments, lights and area rugs can dramatically alter a room’s overall effect and are therefore, worth the investment.

Once the agent sells the home, we have a special promotion for the new buyer. They will receive a $250 gift card from Sklar Furnishings to put toward furniture for their new condo or home. Contact Sklar to learn how you can get access to this exclusive realtor benefit.


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