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Industry Affiliations and Staying Involved


We have always believed that it is very important to be connected to your industry voice as well as staying connected be involved.  Rick Howard, one of the owners is currently President of the NAHFA  (North American Home Furnishings Association) and has been a Board member for about 8 years. 

As well, Sklar Furnishings is a proud member of the Contemporary Design Group —an organization of independent retail furniture stores throughout the United States.  We work together to help each other with best practices in advertising, buying, operations, employee relations and all other aspects of running a contemporary retail furniture store.  We meet once a year for a major conference which includes our industry partners—manufacturers, our reps, and our logistics team members.  We also meet a little less formally at all the buying markets in the US.   Rick is also on the Executive Board of this organization and has been for over 8 years.

The fact that the retail volume of our stores as a group is over $100 million dollars allows us many opportunities for special prices, exclusive designs and proprietary product.   This allows the one store operators such as ourselves to be important to our vendors and to reap the benefits that multi chain stores receive.  We share containers and help each other with product necessary to either fill an order or close a sale.  It is a friendly partnership for sure.

However I know if you asked the members independently what the number one value from the Contemporary Design Group was the answer would be unanimous –the friendships we have made and continue to make.  It isn’t all about work and this is a perfect example—like people in similar businesses with identical issues and problems.  


Sklar Furnishings