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Hunter Douglas: From Sea to Screen


From Sea to Screen 

Window treatments like shutters and blinds are a great way to add value to your home in the long term and make it more energy efficient and comfortable in the short term. A good window treatment helps preserve your interior, cut your electric bills, and adds privacy without creating the darkness of traditional blinds and curtains.

Hunter Douglas have long been a leader in window treatments, creating some of the most advanced, easy to use, and gorgeous window coverings available. We carry many Hunter Douglas products and are proud to be a Centurion Dealer for their treatments, so when they revealed their new line, we were excited to see what this could mean for the industry.

Washed Ashore

In their quest to deliver more ecologically sustainable products, Hunter Douglas has teamed up with the material engineering company Bionic to create a new line of plastic fabrics for window screens. The resulting GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ fabrics will be available with the Hunter Douglas line of Designer Screen Shades.

Plastic waste in the oceans is a growing problem. Some estimates put the amount of plastic waste dumped into the ocean every year at 9 million tons. Seeing that amount of plastic waste and heeding the growing calls for something to be done inspired Hunter Douglas to take action, and led them to Bionic.

Since getting underway, this partnership has reclaimed and processed 30 tons of plastic waste collected from shores around the world into screen shades. With their ability to take waste from beaches and shores and turn it into beautiful and useful products, Hunter Douglas is tackling two problems at once.

As Sklar’s showroom and offices are not far from the shore, and we come from a state renowned for its shoreline, we love the mission Hunter Douglas has taken on and look forward to seeing the new Sea-Tex fabrics in person and utilized in their shades.

Investing in Comfort and Sustainability

Window treatments are already a useful and sustainable addition to homes, as they insulate the home from hot summer weather and cold winter weather, reducing energy consumption for furnaces or air conditioning. Shades also filter out UV light which can prevent interior fabrics and surfaces from being degraded and discolored.

Window treatments also let in enough light for reading or relaxing, reducing your need for electric lighting. Creating the window treatment screens from waste plastics creates a second level of positive and sustainable impact before they even grace a residence.

Window treatments are a great investment in your home, and we applaud Hunter Douglas for making them a great investment in our oceans as well!


Sklar Furnishings