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How To: Properly Accessorize your Coffee Table or Console


There is an alluring art when it comes to arranging accessories on your coffee table, side chest, console or entry table. The furniture pieces in these places are truly versatile which means the options for what goes on top are endless. Yet, there is no one magic formula or specific guide you have to follow in order to achieve an inspiring, high end display. The coffee table could be a place to make a dramatic decorative statement or the console could simply serve as a clean surface to drop your keys. Irrespective of how you intend to use the space, our interior designer tips will give you some ‘how to’ accessorizing ideas that will make you think twice about the space.

Share your Personality
Small surfaces such as high end consoles or luxury coffee tables are the perfect place to inject your personality into your home. It’s an opportunity to reveal details about you or share your interests. A few interesting objects or a small collection of something fabulous, visually intriguing, but also personal can bring added character to your room. A whimsical structure like the gold jackrabbit  by Nima Oberoi is an example of a charming, playful addition to your display.

Store It and Stack It
For an orderly, precise arrangement that reduces clutter and keeps your table from getting filled up with odds and ends, consider using decorative storage boxes. The Klein box set  is an elegant, sleek option that will easily store all your keepsakes.

Task Lighting
Ideally it’s best to use objects with different heights and textures. You want the items to vary and add dimension to your room. Why not adorn your console with a simple pair of standing lamps. These polished brass lamps  by Saunders are a beautiful accent that will add symmetry to your display and a rich glow to your room.

Ultimately, whatever excites you and the more visually interesting the better. With these simple styling tricks, you too can give your high end console or luxury coffee table a new purpose and a splash of visual intrigue.


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