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How to Decorate With Bold Blues


Versatile like a neutral and tranquil, blue is one of the easiest colors to decorate with. It has soothing properties and is the world’s most popular favorite color– it makes a lot of sense why so many homeowners gravitate towards it when decorating their home.

At last year’s northmodern interior design show held in Copenhagen every year, we saw a lot of hits of blue popping up on walls and in accent pieces. White, black and wood tend to dominate Scandinavian interior decor, so seeing hits of indigo in rugs, and deep rich blues popping up on the walls at the show was a refreshing preview of what was to come. More and more brands are designing with blue fabrics and we’re seeing it become an increasingly popular color choice for homeowners buying new sofas.

For social spaces, a good rule of thumb is to select blues with a red undertone. What does this mean? Shades you’d find in the ocean or denim all have red undertones and are warm, friendly colors. Slate is especially neutral, comes off more subdued, but also carries warmth because of its red undertones.

Rooms that require more tranquility like a home office or bedroom are well served when painted a cool blue. Shades like cobalt, ice blue and turquoise all have yellow undertones and often times can help make a room appear bigger. The crispness they provide is also ideal in a laundry room or washroom.

One of our favorite blue pieces includes the Lucense Area Rug – it’s made of wool and silk, reflects light beautifully, and works in a multitude of spaces. The Spirit Sofa is ultra-modern and comes in a variety of color options including a very warm shade of blue, reminiscent of denim. Its clean lines are subtly softened when upholstered in this color. Blue glass accessories are always a classic and can shift from room-to-room with ease. Kartell’s Moon Bowl  comes in a sharp shade of blue and is made of PMMA, mimicking the look of glass, but with added durability. It makes a wonderful serving bowl but also looks striking when placed on a table at an entryway – ideal for housing keys and other items you need to drop off and take away as you enter and exit the house.

Photo courtesy of Carsten Arnold Photograhy.


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