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How to Decorate a Room for Your First Grader


Kids’ rooms offer the perfect opportunity to have fun decorating. Here are three rules of thumb we follow when decorating a space for young children:

1. Be collaborative: Make decorating the room a project for both yourself and them. Kids may have a big, dreamy wish list but there may be some easy wins like paint color and ways to boil down big ideas into fun concepts for the room. If you have a budding artist, why not incorporate an art station into the room? The more kids feel like they have a role in decorating the room, the more likely they are to take pride and ownership (and by ownership we mean clean up) of the space. Include them in the decorating process and let them have fun helping you with shopping and selecting items they like. Let them paint a small patch of the wall – even if you have to paint over it later.

2. Think about how they are going to use the room: This rule always rings true when it comes to décor, but when it comes to a kid’s room it often varies. If your child already has a playroom or a primary space where they play, their room in reality is more of a space for them to wind down before bed therefore it should cater to that by having less stuff. If they will be using the room for play and homework, a desk and extra storage for toys will be necessary. 

3. Be trendy: Since kids tend to be less inhibited when it comes to style and more concerned about what they truly love, their rooms are super fun to decorate because you can afford to take bigger risks. Why not try a chalkboard wall or a light up sign in their initials? Curious about wallpaper? Let them choose some for an accent wall! You can often boil things down to five choices you like, and then have them make the final decision.


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