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How To: Clean Sunbrella Fabric


When spills on upholstery happen, we almost always react exactly the way we’re not supposed to; wiping the smear with a napkin or scrubbing it incessantly with soap and water. And very often, furniture owners are left with the worst kind of stains—water stains—from reactive and pressed cleaning attempts.

Thankfully, we now have Performance Fabrics, and these have become real game-changers in the upholstery industry. Why? Because performance fabrics are essentially bullet-proof; they’re textiles that provide added benefits such as waterproofing, stain protection, odor detouring, antibacterial, flame resistance, etc, in order to ensure ultimate durability and quality.

While many brands are claiming to offer “performance fabrics”, some aren’t delivering on durability. If you’re in the market for a high performance fabric that performs under pressure year after year, rest assured you can trust Sunbrella. Sunbrella Fabric has been hailed as the best outdoor cushion fabric options available. Manufactured by Glen Raven Inc., Sunbrella fabrics are used for a variety of applications including outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, boat covers, convertible automobile tops, and awnings.

Crafted to last, Sunbrella Fabrics are high-quality, child-and pet-friendly and are as durable as they are beautiful — and feel as great as they look. In this video you’ll learn how to clean Sunbrella Fabrics in the event of spills.


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