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How to: Choose a living room layout according to your personal needs


The most important thing about choosing a layout for your living room is ensuring that you stay true to your needs for the space. For example, if you plan on mostly watching TV in the room, by all means set up the furniture so that it’s ideal for TV watching!

With utility in mind, we’ve compiled some tips for creating a layout that keeps both style and the purpose of the space top priority.

The living room for television watching: If you love cozying up with blankets on a comfy couch to binge watch your favorite shows then there is no denying the need to center your layout around the TV. There are many modern pieces that allow you to do this in a stylish manner. Wall units like the Open Wall Unit are ever-popular and today you can mount your flat screen television to fit within the confines of the wall unit or have it set on one of the unit’s shelves. Surround your TV with your other beloved belongings to create a chic and eclectic look. In terms of the furniture you set up around it, recliners and sectionals are ideal as they provide maximum comfort in a space that essentially doubles as a home theatre. The reconfigurability of many sectionals means that when guests arrive you can pull the couch apart to create groupings for entertaining. The addition of an ottoman like the Jodi into the space means ample seating can be created for entertaining guests.

The living room for entertaining: If the number one function of your living room is entertaining guests then setting up the furniture to encourage conversation should be your number one goal. Having armchairs and couches like the Marilyn and the Fly Sectional centered around a coffee table like the Neolitico creates a conversation area and encourages people to chat.

The kid-friendly living room: Kids need to feel welcome in a space as much as adults, and in order to do this they need room to play.  By creating designated areas in the room for the two groups, harmony can be subtly created. This can be done with an area rug and a strategically placed piece of furniture. A carpet like the Splash is ideal for kids because its dark pattern means stains won’t be super visible if juice, milk or food gets spilled on it. A sectional like the Clint has a low enough profile that the kids can still be monitored, while a subtle boundary can be created between them and the adults.


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