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Home accent colors and what’s new!


Colors in 2014 evoke renewal, rejuvenation and optimism.  After the financial uncertainty of the Great Recession coupled with a tense political climate, designers and consumers alike are looking ahead to a brighter future. A sense of renewal will permeate the color palettes;  bright colors inspired by exotic locales  evoke the warmth of the sun.Blues have the deep quality of a sparkling ocean and crisp greens reflect abundant botanicals punctuated by hints of coral pink, vibrant violet and sunny yellow. Satisfying a desire for escape following turbulent times, vibrant yet soothing colors promote serenity, balance and bliss.  Rich tones inspired by the sun, sea and tropical foliage pervade palettes that recall island getaways.

Blue is shown in all ranges—-from saturated tones of ocean depths to all the more ethereal summer sky hues.  Chlorophyll green is mixed with lime acid and lush vegetable green.  Nature and its shades inspire the rich palette. Dusty earth tones are saturated with warm stimulating shades for a palette rooted in exotic inspirations.  As technology paves the way for an increasingly connected global society cultural influences are more prevalent than ever.  People travel and they are attracted to things that speak of other cultures or their own community back home.Tribal themes also instill a sense of community.   This palette is very warm with pinks, oranges, and corals as strong accents giving us a sense of vibrancy, hope and happiness. 

The bright color trend which encompasses lime, orange, teal and electric purple recalls the Industrial Age.  Technological innovations have altered our everyday lives from how we communicate with each other to new methods of mass production.  And as technology continues to evolve, it opens the world to a wealth of wondrous possibilities.The bright colors mentioned above are married with colors called Jet Black, Silver Blue and Majolica Blue which recognize earlier advances.  Emerald, Tillandsia Purple, Methyl Blue and Dark Citron all celebrate the endless possibilities ahead.Positiveness and bright optimism pervades all of the forecasts for 2014.  We will be making conscious choices in terms of colors and materials to mirror this new mood.


Sklar Furnishings