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High Point Market Fall 2012


It’s High Point Market time again! Twice a year, buyers from around the world come to High Point, NC and attend the High Point Market to see fabulously designed showrooms and exhibits overflowing with beautiful new products. Buyers descend on High Point knowing they will see the most innovative new products, discover unique merchandising concepts, see the trends as they happen, and experience the vision and excitement of this incredible industry. We have just returned filled with excitement from all the wonderful new designs and items we saw and bought for the showroom.

Market was bustling with buyers which made for smiles on the faces of the manufacturers. The vendors arrived in High Point with brightly colored offerings which seemed to reflect the optimism coming back to our country. Muted colors of taupe, soft grey and warm white were still evident but rainbow brights were everywhere and not just as safe accent colors. Rugs have chevron patterns in bright green, blue, purple and yellow-and that is all in one carpet! Pillows were everywhere: covered in flowers, three dimensional stitching and leather pieces-many are so complex and have so much work in them they will retail for over $300!

The trend of making furniture from reclaimed wood, burled tree roots and petrified wood from Burma continues. Live edge tables are beautiful and one of a kind.  We bought some new ones–since they are like pieces of art when you wish to buy you look at the ones we have in stock and choose the one you love – a little like picking a Christmas tree – this group of furnishings really fits our tag line “Your Space, Your Lifestyle, Your Choice” .Most of the new product we choose is not available for 3-4 months – thankfully all the new items we purchased in Milan and the last High Point market are now arriving on our floor. There are two wonderful things about this – lots of new fresh items AND lots of bargains with many items “orange tagged” at up to 65% off. You can’t lose with a visit to our showroom.Come on in and feel the excitement!


Sklar Furnishings