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Happy New Years!


Happy New Year to all of our staff, vendors, customers, and industry partners! How can it possibly be 2015 when it seems like no time ago we were all obsessed with Y2K?

We live in a wonderful country and we have so much to be thankful for.  We are very grateful, and in no particular order for the following especially.

Fabulous Staff

We would just be another furniture store without them all.  The furniture industry is one with many moving parts so we need a very diverse group with specialized skills. We have every job possible filled by capable and kind people. Receptionist, data entry, warehouse staff, delivery staff, prep staff, Design Associate, managers, customer service and part time college students. We always appreciate that all of our employees are “owners”. It is impossible to be successful by yourself.


These are relationships of trust and respect and we cherish them all. We try very hard to listen to each other because how else can both of us improve and learn? We are very careful who we choose to partner with and it makes a huge difference.


Realistically you cannot choose your customers but you can choose how you treat them. Our wonderful staff usually become friends with their clients after spending so much time in their homes and helping them to realize their dreams! The fact that many of our customers keep returning to us and/or refer their family and friends is much appreciated.

Industry Partners

These are our peers who teach us so much so selflessly, the people who we see at every market every year, the contemporaries that we sit on Industry Boards with to help our industry become an even better steward of the planet and above all the retailers and vendors who have become friends.

So we move into 2015 grateful for the past year and very optimistic for the year ahead.  May it be filled with peace, good fortune, excellent health, love and just a little magic!


Sklar Furnishings