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Glass Care


Avoid direct contact with other glass, stone, ceramic or hardened steel. Glass edges that are subjected to impact may shell or chip, clear nail polish can be applied to the shell to remove the sharpness and prevent further flaking. In the case of deep chips fine sandpaper can be used to remove the sharpness before applying nail polish.

Colored Glass

Colored glass is for indoor use only. Our colors are UV and water resistant but are not designed to withstand the elements of outdoors such as direct sunlight and severe atmospheric changes. Avoid cleaning the colored side of glass with solvents or abrasives. Damp cloths (not soaked) are normally the best way to remove dirt from the colored side of the glass. It can be scratched with metal or other hard materials. Treat the glass like you would the finish of your car… carefully!

Cleaning Instructions

Glass should be cleaned with ammonia based cleaners for normal dust and dirt, however when cleaning oils or grease from glass denatured alcohol works very well. (Never clean with abrasive cleaning products or materials). Fine steel wood is an excellent product for removing hardened residue and will not scratch the glass. Dirt itself may be abrasive, always spray the glass with cleaner prior to wiping.


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