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Getting the Sweetest Sleep


Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” When it comes to living a healthy life, sleep is repeatedly proven to be a most important factor. While modern sleep science has debunked the superiority of early bedtime and early rising, the quality of your sleep is still paramount.

The Harlequin series of mattresses from Literie Laurier are the world’s first and only adjustable mattresses—a built-in mechanism means the mattress is all you need, there’s no special base to interrupt your aesthetic. You can sit comfortably to watch TV, read, or simply relax—and the Harlequin is the only mattress where your feet can rest lower than your legs. For sleeping, it supports and eliminates pressure for those who sleep on their back, side, or stomach.

Featuring Bluetooth controls that pair with your phone or tablet, a liquid smooth movement system, high tech materials, and settings that calibrate to your body, the Harlequin collection offers seriously immersive comfort. The collection includes four models aimed at different needs, but all come standard with Zero Gravity support, full articulation, and top quality materials all handcrafted in Canada.

Pierrot V19 Cooler

At just 10 inches high, the Pierrot is a sleek model that can fit nearly any bed frame, which is why it’s often used by hotels. With a comfortable semi-firm core, NANO LATEX surface, and Harlequin COOLER cover, this mattress stays at a comfortable temperature while providing plenty of adjustability, support, and comfort.

Malia V19 Cooler

With a thicker design than the Pierrot, the Malia comes in two material options: a semi-firm Talalay latex core, or a sumptuously soft microgel version with viscose foam. Each version comes standard with the COOLER cover for perfect temperatures and peaceful sleep.

Thaia V19 Cooler

The sleek Thaia offers both the 10 inch height of the Pierrot as well as the material semi-firm/soft options of the Malia, for a customizable mattress that can easily fit nearly any frame. With standard Harlequin series features, plus a COOLER cover for comfortable temperatures, this is a popular and flexible choice.


The crown jewel of the collection, the Virtuose is handcrafted from raw, organic materials. This semi-firm comfort version features a handmade, padded wool decorative element, GOTS cotton cover, organic latex, alpaca and camel wool, cashmere and silk for a luxurious feeling that’s truly second to none!

Bedrest Fit for Royalty

Literie Laurier have crafted mattresses since 1938, and their Harlequin collection is a bold step into the 21st century in terms of materials and technology. At the core of the collection is the goal of offering splendid sleep and sumptuous comfort, which it delivers in spades. If your bed is your kingdom, your mattress should be a royal fit.

Interested in learning more? We can work closely with Literie Laurier to provide you the perfect fitting, perfect feeling Harlequin mattress for your bed and preferences!


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