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Get the look: Texture


Introducing a mix of textures is essential to creating a space filled with detail and vitality. Strictly speaking, even the smoothest surface is still a texture but it’s three dimensional texture that tends to make a room pop. Think items that look like they would feel good — or at least very interesting — to touch. Textured objects contrast with and complement sleeker, more minimal furnishings, creating depth and visual interest without necessarily changing your color scheme.

Textured objects have more visual weight than smooth, so they tend to grab more attention. A rough surface reflects far less light than a flat one, so textures help create a cosier, warmer impression. If you feel your decor is missing something, try adding two or three different textures per room to create balance without any fear of going overboard.

Style edit

The Square Root and Chamca consoles bring the complex forms and textures of natural root systems into the home.

A thick area rug offers both the pleasure of wriggling your toes into the pile and an instant sense of greater warmth. If a shag rug isn’t quite your style, consider an area rug like the Canyon, with a rippling carved pile.

Faux fur, whether draped across a chair back in the form of a blanket or covering a plump cushion, is a simple and beautiful way to bring texture into your space. These throws and pillows are available in a range of colors, from fox to lamb.

On the subject of pillows, Dellarobbia’s Cashmere range is the ideal complement to a contemporary sofa or sectional.

Light fixtures and sconces are an often-overlooked source of fascinating textures, amplified by subtle interplays of light and shadow. The Fan Wall Sconce, the Muriel Sconce and the Meri 6 Chandelier present three completely different ways to change the feel of your room.


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