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Get the look: Oversized lights


The bigger, the better. Large light features, whether they’re fixtures, sconces or floor lamps, convey a fearless, take-no-prisoners attitude that plays well in any room. We’re not going to lie, though – these spectacular looks are not for the fainthearted. Feeling bold? Let’s go!

Styling oversized light fixtures: Oversized light fixtures give you an opportunity to forget about conventional rules governing proportion and throw caution to the wind. They’re not just for large spaces; a small room or walk in wardrobe can also benefit from an injection of drama in the form of a giant ceiling fixture or extravagant chandelier. Alternatively, use lighting to delineate separate spaces within a large, open plan area. Compensate for a small dining table or kitchen island by pairing it with a giant fixture for a combined effect that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Chandeliers and pendants: Any large fixture suspended from the ceiling will draw the eye upward, creating a sense of height and balancing the horizontal planes of the room. A shade that contrasts with the main colors in the room can add to the impact of the piece, while a round or curved shape adds invigorating contrast to a room with lots of straight lines. Our collection of high impact, high drama chandeliers and pendant lights includes: Stella Chandelier, Cellini Ceiling Lamp, Grace 7 Mobile Light.

Floor lamps: Adding an oversized floor lamp is an even lower risk way of introducing the oversized look. Our selection includes The Zed Floor Lamp, The Fons Floor Lamp and The Raduga Lamp.


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