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Get The Look: Minimalism Without Being Cold or Boring


Many would associate minimalism as an enduring style – able to stand the test of trends time and time again. This is because of its simple, clean appeal. For those interested in adopting this style for interior designs but are worried you may lose your unique and fun personality, we’ve got some tips and ideas for getting the minimalist look without being lifeless and cold.

Simple décor pieces with shapes and geometry instantly lift a space adding points of intrigue. The Erin Armchair is a great example. The clear variety of shapes in its design along with its serged seams, hidden zippers and unsurpassed tailoring make this chair a minimal yet alluring geometric piece in a living room or office.

Little accents with fresh finishes makes all the difference. The upholstered cylindrical light source like the Andromeda Lamp is an added touch that enlivens its minimalist design. Though sleek and minimal in proportions, the element as a whole adds a fun dimension that will instantly lift your space with warming lighting. Consider making a minimal statement in a grand way with the Karma Dining Table. It stands out for its bold simplicity and sophisticated elegance. Minimalists believe less is more, but this table gives more in space – possibly for guests – while staying less in design.

Getting down to the bare minimum allows you to discover a whole new world of serenity and harmony. With the right minimalist lines, it’s easy to bring an inviting warmth and lively presence to a space. If you fear you’re not finding the right balance, our expert interior design team can help you discover the value in being minimal and the right pieces that work for your minimalist style.


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