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Get the Look: Industrial Style


Looking to rehabilitate a space that feels a little too smooth and glossy? Reconnect with texture and get back to basics with an industrial aesthetic.

The industrial look calls for designers to embrace those aspects of a space that are normally concealed – the parts that make it work. It’s about celebrating the functional and purposeful. Play with wood, concrete and metal as primary elements when creating this stylish, unpretentious and highly liveable look. Showcasing the raw, the unfinished, and the richly textured is part of the fun.

While it’s a strong look, industrial doesn’t have to mean cool or impersonal – it’s completely possible to combine industrial style with a warm and welcoming vibe. Combine modern and vintage pieces. A classic tufted sofa makes a spectacular counterpoint to a gleaming metal side table or light fixture. Anything metal fits industrial style well. Opt for metal light fixtures, especially those with a seemingly aged patina. It’s okay to mix polished and matte metals, but limit yourself on the amount of shine. Furnishings that combine wood and metal elements are pure warm industrial. The Yoda Dining Table is a perfect example.

If you’re planning to paint, select color samples on the warmer side, such as mushroom-like grays. Stick with “rocky” neutrals as your foundation — any hue that you’d expect to see in a dusty warehouse or funky urban loft.


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