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Get the Look: Eclectic and Colorful


Eclectic style is all about creative and interesting combinations of color, texture, pattern and style. Because every eclectic home is unique, there are guidelines available but no hard and fast rules. Instinct and experimentation are key; when it feels right, it probably is.

Neutral walls help showcase and foreground the showier elements in an eclectic room, while preventing an overwhelming clash of colors and patterns. Choose a single favorite color and weave it throughout the home to visually link disparate elements. If furnishing with wood, try to keep it within a theme; all blond or all dark, for example.

Style mixing
Don’t be afraid to mix different styles; balance contemporary furnishings with a beloved antique, or mix mid-century modern pieces with more exotic elements picked up during your travels. Use multiple textures to add depth, creating balance with opposites; shiny with matt, bumpy with smooth. However, it’s wise to choose furnishings and accessories with shapes that echo one another, to achieve a deliberate, non-random look. Try pairing a sofa with rolled arms with a round coffee table, or a low buffet with a rectangular sectional.

Staying focused
However eclectic your furniture choices, you still need a focal point to tug all the threads of your room together. It might be your largest piece of art, a fireplace, an entertainment center or an accent wall, as long as it’s selected and positioned for maximum impact. If you have an open plan home, the best place for your focal point is usually directly visible through the entrance to the next room.


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