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Get the Look: Dark, Moody Bedrooms


Consciously designing your bedroom for sleep rather than wakefulness is one of the best – and easiest – things you can do for your overall health. Creating a peaceful ambiance can help overcome insomnia and improve the quality of sleep, making the next day a whole lot better.

The case for a calm bedroom is straightforward, but what is less obvious is that the most restful color scheme for your bedroom may not be pale neutrals or airy whites – it may actually be dark. As in, very dark. Used judiciously, black, charcoal gray, deep purple or navy blue walls create a soothing, cocooning effect that’s perfect for unplugging from your digital devices and settling in for a little You Time.

Dark colors used as neutrals is a significant design trend right now, with both paint companies and independent trendspotters indicating a move toward moody tones. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is Shadow, a deep, muted purple. Sherwin Williams is promoting a Wine and Taupe color combination of warm dark tones. Farrow & Ball’s new colors for the year include deep brown Salon Drab, and Behr’s Color Currents report highlights Wanderlust, a deep blue-green.

Pair those deep walls with dark furniture and/or accents, and don’t forget the importance of texture. In dark rooms as in light ones, a range of textures adds visual interest and tactile enjoyment. Remember to counterbalance dark walls and furnishings with light or white areas; look for ways to use ceilings, baseboards and floors for valuable contrast. Add sparkle with a large suspended light fixture in glass or metallic finish; recessed and sconce lighting will create highlights and further prevent any area of the room becoming shadowy. Large mirrors, that classic interior design standby, will bounce light around the space to further open it up.


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