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Get the Look: All-White Interiors


Color trends come and go, but white interiors are eternally in style. Safe but never boring, white is always clean, crisp and eye catching. It can be be styled as classic or futuristic, sleek or ethereal; it throws out light and makes spaces appear larger, lighter and airier. Indulge your taste for pure white interiors with these cooler-than-cool furnishings, light fixtures and home accessories:

Whether it’s a small side table or a dinner table that seats 12, a white finish makes a strong design statement:
Meri Side Table
Miami Coffee Table
Lang Extension Dining Table
Faz Table

Chairs and benches
All-white seating always looks sophisticated and daring:
Nicla Dining Chair
Light Bench
Leonardo Leather Armchair
– Agatha Chair

Sofas and sectionals
While each of these sofas and sectionals is available in a host of colors, we especially like the way they look in pure white:
Rosen Sectional and Chair
Gavin Sectional and Chair
Pierrot King Sofa
Alessandro Sofa Chair and Sectional

Add white accents and accessories for an extra dash of texture and visual interest:
Eve Sculpture
Faux Lamb Pillow
Luxe Low Shag Rug
– Animal Bust

Shelves and storage
Punch up the look of any room by adding a large shelving system, wardrobe or cabinet in glossy white:
Fifty Bookshelf
– Riva Buffet Cabinet
Plurimo Wardrobe System

When lit, these all-white lamps and light fixtures cast a bright, yet diffuse glow. When unlit, their unique forms are bound to intrigue:
Sipario Floor Lamp
Nuvola Lighting Fixture
Meri 6 Chandelier


Sklar Furnishings