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Hanging Pictures

Don’t feel pressure to fill all empty wall space; art beside a pretty window may compete for the view. Hang pictures at the same height in a room, and not too high either, so your gaze doesn’t jump up and down from piece to piece. As a general rule, the center of each picture should be about 60” from the floor, centered 6-8” about a sofa or chair and 8-10” above a table. “Ground” your art by hanging it above a sofa, table or chair to avoid a floating effect or hang a larger piece above a mantel, a key focal point in any room. If a favorite mirror or picture is too small, hang it with a piece of a similar size or flank it with sconces.

Creating a Gallery

Mixing and matching sizes can have great visual impact. To compose a grouping, work outward from the central picture. To maintain a clean look, keep one edge of each piece aligned with the edge of at least one other piece in the group, and space them 3” to 4” apart. For a contemporary–style gallery, hang a single row of three to four framed pictures. Frames and mats should be the same color, but you can vary the sizes. For an eclectic look, use frames and mats that are complementary but not identical. For either look, space the works 3” to 4” apart.

Oversized Mirrors

Oversized mirrors casually propped against the wall are showing up in today’s most stylish rooms. Large mirrors offer maximum reflection and a realistic approximation of a doorway leading into another room (because the reflection carries right down to the floor), so this chic look is especially beneficial in smaller rooms. It is easier not to have to wall–mount a large, heavy piece like this; however, if you have kids in the house, tether it to the wall for safety. Black and brown frames look finished and up to date, and coordinate with most decors


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