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Fun with Accessories


Interior decorating is really just fashion for your home.  When you get dressed to go to work or to go to play most people add “accessories”.  In fashion this may be a watch and a belt for a man and a scarf, purse, and jewelry for a woman.  When decorating or “dressing” your home don’t forget about the accessories.

Window coverings – These are essential in every room even if you live in a very secluded and private area.  There will be parts of every day that your room needs to be shaded from direct sunlight or made dark for sleep.  These privacy shades can be made so they disappear into a small valance and the valance will actual soften the area and make the whole room more welcoming.  To go even further you can always just add a small panel on each side of the window again to soften and define the area.  The antithesis of this is of course sheers and full closure drapes. 

Floor coverings – I am not talking about wall to wall broadloom here. A small area rug strategically placed between a sofa and a pair of chairs turns that area instantly into a cozy conversation area.  There are so many options with carpets today that you may not know where to start—shags are short, long, shiny and mixed with different fabrics.  There are rugs made from recycled zippers; some from the remnants from men’s silk ties; some with beautiful tufting and yet others with gorgeous designs where you choose the pattern and your colors.  This is truly ‘your” rug.  They vary in price but you are only looking at about 35 square feet of carpet so it is a lot like a piece of art. 

Wall art – Here is an area that you can get the biggest bang for your buck.  We all love to collect special mementos and these are indeed your personal works of art and invaluable to you.  However today there are several companies working with artists and producing very large canvases at realistic prices.  They usually hire an artist who does several pieces for the company.  They then decide to either reproduce it in a limited number (perhaps 200 or 1000) and do a gallery wrap.  The sizes range from 30” x 30” to 90” x 90”.   As well the good companies work with the fabric mills and designers to make sure the colors they are asking the artist to use match the colors that are current and popular.  We work with several companies and we are constantly buying new works from many artists. 

Silk Plants –  Ten years ago the thought of silk plants conjured up dusty plastic looking plants and trees.  The design and manufacturing processes have undergone such a change that these plants and trees are so realistic that it is not unusual to catch a customer smelling one of the bouquets in the showroom!  For our contemporary showroom we are able to find a lot of wonderful pieces —-single stems in a glass bowl with rocks, realistic looking orchids and large grass trees.  Place on a dining table surrounded by candles and you have a beautiful centerpiece.  A tree will fill an empty corner or hide a badly placed electric box. 

Lighting –  Lighting a room is the single most important thing you can do to create the correct mood and finished look for your new furniture.  If you are not working with a Designer or are not sure exactly what it is you want you may want to look at some decorating magazines.  There is no end to what is available today.  The Italians are still leaps and bounds ahead of us and have some beautiful chandeliers that will have your guests looking upward.  Floor and table lamps do not have to match and should be chosen with the same care as any other piece of furniture in your home.  Above all you must love them! 

Sculptures –  These too add interest and warmth to your room.  Again there are companies making beautiful pieces at very realistic prices—they may be made from acrylic, resin, composite or marble.  Buy a lighted pedestal that rotates and display your chosen piece with pride. 

Smaller tabletop – These include pieces to fill a curio cabinet or wall unit or just to sit on your coffee table.  When doing a curio cabinet you can have a variety of colors, shapes and sizes or choose one color and stick with that.  We show both examples in our showroom.  There is Venetian art glass and there is no end to objects made from a variety of materials.  Choose your budget and you will be able to find a piece you will love that will make your new home and space you.  The important thing here is that you love the piece or pieces you will bring into your home. Make sure you remember all of this when your new furniture is delivered—you will need to add these finishing touches to get that look you admired in a magazine or the store—you will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable this is to get that look!  


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