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Florence Fuller Center


We have a wonderful facility here in Boca Raton called The Florence Fuller Center. Their mission is to make a difference through education for economically challenged children and their families. They provide daycare, medical services and food programs to children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Any parent knows how often little children get sick and when that happens they usually cannot go to school or daycare with a fever. This means lost workdays and income and possibly even jeopardizing their job or career advancement. Florence Fuller has a full size infirmary so even a sick child can still come and be taken care of just like his parents would.

For the last several years we have had the great fun of adopting a class at the holidays. We get their Santa list and each and every one of the Sklar Elves goes out and tries to make their dreams come true. The best part of this is that these little ones come to our store the Wednesday before Christmas and we have a party and watch them open one of their gifts – the rest go home for under the tree!

The first year the bus pulled up and we thought it was empty. Until we realized these are the 3 and 4 year olds and their heads don't even reach the windows! When the doors opened, out they poured, jumping from one foot to the next filled with excitement. The first thing they do is sing us several songs, filling our store with love and joy! 

Every staff member at Sklar Furnishings claims that this is the best day of the year and the most fun event we do all year.  May your holiday be filled with the same joy, love and wonder of a three year old and may you be lucky enough to be surrounded by those you love.


Sklar Furnishings