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Flattering Light


Table Lamps (for task lighting)

The base should be in line with one’s shoulder and should be 20” to the left or right of book center. The bottom of the shade should be 38”–44” from the floor.

Floor Lamps

The bottom of the lampshade should be 42”–48” from the floor. Halogen lighting controlled by a dimmer switch provides the best quality illumination for reading.

Wall Fixtures

Generally, wall fixtures are hung at or near eye level (66” or above). Swing arm wall lamps above beds should be mounted 30” above the mattress. Wall lamps for chair reading should be 42–49” above the floor and 15” to the left or right of book center.


The chandelier should be 12” smaller in diameter than the smallest table dimension. A chandelier should hang 30” above the table. If the table is the only furniture in a space, a down–light in the chandelier is especially effective.

Picture Lights

Turning on additional lamps does not adequately light pictures. Use properly proportioned picture lights.


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